First Things First

Melinda Williams is a woman who loves God and desired to do what is right but didn't know how to. But once the scriptures revealed God's plan for her life, she responded!

Being a young married mother of two, Melinda had many challenges to overcome, but she did it all with a smile. Her priorities being clear, she always made time to study the bible in addition to her responsibilities as a wife and mother. If she ever had any doubt, she would humbly seek advice and ask, "What do you think I need to do?"

While trying to understand how she could please both God and her husband, the message of the cross cleared her thinking. "I didn't realize this was so serious. I've seen "The Passion of the Christ" and I've heard about Jesus dying on the cross, but to know that I am responsible...I didn't think that way before", says Melinda.

She has chosen to put God first in her life as she knows this is the best way for her husband to also be reached with the message of Jesus.