"I always heard that Jesus Died but I never knew he suffered so much for me."

These were Glen Joseph's words, when he saw what Jesus did for him on the cross.Glen Joseph became our newest brother in Christ at our midweek service last night 19th October 2011. Glen has been searching for the truth for a long time and God in his divinity worked it out that he would have Roger Blache as a manager at just the right time. Glen started studying the with Roger and was so convicted about the truths he was learning that he wanted to learn how he could follow Jesus. Glen has the true heart of a Berean (ACTS 17:10-11). Examining the notes from every bible study before we would meet again for the other study, where he would shear what impacted him from the scriptures. When asked last night "Why do you want to be baptized tonight?" His response was " Because Jesus died for me." The cross is his soul motivation for making the decision to make Jesus Lord of every area of his life. Let's continue to pray for and encourage our youngest Christian. Big Hugs all around.