When the Morning Comes.

“By and By, oh when the morning comes all the saints of God are gathering home and we well tell the story of how overcome...”

This was Merle Williams' favorite song and what a fitting song to sing, as we celebrate her life here on earth  as a pillar of faithfulness and love here at the Port of Spain Church of Christ. Merle Williams was born on the 5thJanuary 1945 and was baptized into Christ in 1994. Three years later Merle would join the Arthurs' on the planting of the South sector of the church. Here, she would become a strong member of that sectors' Matures Ministry.

Merle was what many would call a solid Christian, a faithful, loving, caring and selfless wife, mother, sister, aunt, grandmother and so much more. Such was Merle’s devotion to the fellowship that on October 21st 2011, what was to be the beginning of a glorious weekend with her brothers and sisters in Christ turned out to be the beginning of her eternity with her Heavenly Father. Yes, she started that Friday, embarking on a journey and ended up on the ultimate journey.

Merle leaves to mourn her son Gary, daughter Gail, 3 grandchildren and many, many more. Aunty Merle can be described as, “A Woman of Substance, who made every effort to live a life that pleased her God.” Aunty Merle will forever remain in the hearts of the saints both here and abroad. Please join me in saluting a true hard fighting solider. We love you Aunty Merle.

The Funeral Service is to be held today at 10am in Belgroves' funeral home in San Fernando.