Shane "RIZON" Gibson is in my view (and I’m sure for many other fans), one of our generation's most prolific and bold song writers. Just 2 Saturdays ago at the upper room in San Fernando Rizon along with his guest acts Gamma Ghost and Koen Duncan did a three part sermon in the form of Spoken word and Song. Rizon’s mission is not just to entertain but edify both the mind and the soul of the listener. When you ask him if his performances are just for entertainment a resounding "NO!" echoes from his mouth.  He says “My performance is never just about entertainment.” The concert titled after Rizon’s yet to be released album “Preserve” showcased most if not all the tracks on the album. Rizon called us to not “Change like the weather”then he reminded us that in a world filled with cries of pain that “Nobody listening”. While we sat there reflecting on that, he told us that we were “Miracles.” Then he commanded us to “Preserve” the “No Entry” to negativity in our lives. All this to the tune sweet expressive song. One of the things that stands out about Rizon is his ability to say what he has to say with no apologies and still have you rocking from side to side to his soulful voice and the groovy melody. Rizon no longer performance to back tracks when doing a live show; he believes that acoustic performances are much more impacting. Although "Preserve" the acoustic experience cost only $40 I think we robbed him.  I got more than my monies worth. Let’s continue to support Rizon on his quest to Preserve our youth’s appreciation for great music.