Join Us In The 60 Days Challenge!

Almost everything that is known about our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ can be found in the New Testament. The sad truth however, is that most of us have only skimmed the New Testament and its teachings. At the beginning of March, we were inspired and challenged to read through all 27 books of the New Testament in 60 days. We also started this month with a teaching series on the New Testament taught by two (2) of our very own J. Tyrone Marcus and David Lewis. Look out for my next article, because you’ll read more about that inspiring weekend there.

It’s not too late though, for you to join us on the quest to become more knowledgeable about our Lord’s teachings found in the Gospels and the Epistles. Start today! [Click Here To Download The Reading Plan]

Grab a friend or a neighbour and encourage them to take the journey into the lives and times of our Lord Jesus and his Apostles.