Capture The Love, Mission, And Lifestyle Of The 1st Century Christians!

New Testament Christianity Sermon Series - Port of Spain Church of ChristOk, let's just admit it. Christianity in the 21st century bears LITTLE resemblance to Christianity in the 1st century...

Why, you ask? Well, the 1st century Christians were painfully sacrificial, and amazingly generous (Acts 4:32-35). They loved one another deeply and made great efforts to be unified with each other. Not only that, they had a bold and radical evangelistic edge (Acts 8). They were convinced that they were the only hope for mankind to hear the redeeming message of Jesus and be saved from sin. They were strangers in the world and lived lifestyles that were counter to the Roman influenced culture of the day.

For those of us who call ourselves Christians, can we say these things about ourselves today in 2012?

Christianity in the 21st century can be quite the opposite. While we read the teachings from the same Apostles who taught the 1st century disciples, the world has so infected the church that the painful financial sacrifice of 2,000 years ago is but a memory. Too many who claim Christianity are caught up in greed and chasing a dollar. Active and aggressive evangelism and preaching the gospel has been reduced to trite sayings on bumper stickers and passively "letting our lights shine". How cute...

Today...unity and deep, loving relationships are merely an ideal rather than a personal expectation.

Surely God desires for His church to repent and return to her first love.

During the month of April, the members of the Port of Spain Church of Christ will be taking up the challenge to sharpen our love for God and others. Our theme is "New Testament Christianity", and our goal is fan into flame the love, mission, and lifestyle of the 1st century believers!

Throughout the month we will be reading the New Testament, hearing inspiring sermons, and challenging ourselves to actually live out what we read.

We invite you to join us this month in a personal bible study or at one of our services as we study the Book of Acts and strive to imitate the example of our brothers and sisters from almost 2,000 years ago!

  • Sunday April 5 - "Obey God Rather Than Men"
  • Sunday April 8 - "Changed By A Risen Lord" Bring Your Neighbor Easter Service
  • Sunday April 15 - "Give Glory To God!"
  • Sunday April 22 - "Go Anywhere, Do Anything"
  • Sunday April 29 - "Shipwrecked On The Way To Rome"