Packed House At Women's Day 2012!

On May 5 the Women’s Ministry of the Port of Spain Church of Christ hosted their annual Women’s Day, successfully. The stage was set – in red and black to be exact –the guest speaker had arrived and the sisters and women of Trinidad &Tobago were rearing to go. In fact, the women had made it obvious they were ready, the fact that the event had been sold out a week prior, being a clear indication. The women arrived in their numbers – red and black numbers with few other colours in between. Several enthusiastic guests arrived early, and entered the auditorium to await disclosure of the “Real Secret”. This enthusiasm ran throughout the event, beginning with the opening performance in which the ‘secrets’ purported by a bestselling author were denounced. Instead, those attending were invited to learn the real secrets to life.

The women were called to their feet early with an uncharacteristic highly energetic number performed by ten ‘dynamite’ singing and dancing sisters. Then, through the skilful coordination of Nicholette Johnson and Vanecia Sullivan the evening transitioned to one of quiet reflection as those visiting were invited to listen to the testimonies of three sisters, all of whom spoke of the transformation that was afforded through God’s word. Interspersed with giveaways, the evening proceed with the women being riveted by Barbara Marbury’s message, as she challenged all to be vulnerable, to imitate the woman of Luke 14. As Barbara’s message lingered in the minds of the all, Susan Gibson’s rendition of It All Begins with You prompted even deeper reflection as the women learnt that the real secret to life was walking with Jesus Christ. The excitement did not stop there, and while the mood changed once again, the message was still the same, as our brother and local artiste Rizon, known for his thought-provoking lyrics, called on everyone to take a stand and preserve themselves.

The verdict is in. Women’s Day 2012 was a resounding sensation! This view is shared by all as one sister even remarked that “of all the others this one was the best for me”. Clearly, God had heard and answered the many prayers that had been offered up, as the show began and ended without a hitch, a fact that did not go unnoticed as another sister noted jokingly, “there were no technical demons this year”. No, the event turned out to be much more than all had imagined, hoped or prayed for, but that is not surprising as scripture does says, “He is able to do immeasurable more”.