Teen Camp 2012 Kick Off

What a way to kick off our Teen Camp 2012 entitled, "Mission Possibleā€!!! Last Sunday 19th August, saw the start of a week of fun and inspiration which began with a Youth service. Yes, the Campus and Teen Ministries collaborated in order to organize our very First International Campus and Teen Sunday Worship Service. We witnessed Teen and Campus students from the USA, St. Vincent and right here in Trinidad and Tobago song lead in a powerful and dynamic fashion. We also saw our youth pick up their towels to serve as ushers.
What was even more inspirational was watching an all men youth choir, sing songs to our God without shame. The congregation was in awe as we watched God use our youths in such a powerful way. We also heard our young brother and sister, Ben and Lizzy, both teens from the Virginia church, share testimonies (real and compelling stories) about how God has transformed their lives.
Yes, from the ushering, singing and welcome to the communion and contribution messages, our teen and campus brothers and sisters challenged us and called us higher in our service, fellowship and discipleship both to God and to each other.
Attached is a slide-show containing photos of the first day of camp. Enjoy!!!!!