Together as one

God wanted them together, no matter what!
That was how some persons witnessing the union of Rondell Frank and Candice Anderson in Holy matrimony on Republic Day, Monday 24th September, 2012, at the Tranquility Methodist Church described the love shared between the two.
The two first met while attending Woodbrook Government Secondary, and a friendship merely started until Rondell transferred schools a couple years later. And that was the end of that…until they happened to run into each other once again at Church. Again, the friendship developed and grew steadily. However, it was not to last, as both Candice and Rondell decided to further their education in the US at different schools – almost 200 miles apart and more than 2000 miles from their home in Trinidad!
That would have been the end of the story, until they met each other once again shortly afterwards in New York. This time, the friendship period was over and they became a steady couple, dating while pursuing their studies. It was just a few short years later when Rondell asked Candice for her hand in marriage (to which, she said yes), and the two returned to Trinidad in 2011 to begin planning what promises to be a beautiful life together.
To the newlyweds Rondell and Candice, we at the Port of Spain Church of Christ extend our warmest and most heartfelt congratulations. This is not the end of the love story that began before you were born; rather it’s a new chapter that both of you are writing together as one with God!