Kafi Joefield's Amazing Restoration Story!

Kafi Joefield's Restoration

"I was baptized 10 years ago in the Bronx at what had been perhaps the lowest point in my life. I had prayed to God for friends because I was lonely. 2 days later I met Julliette, a Jamaican lady. I studied the bible and was baptized in the Bronx Region of the NYC Church of Christ.

Life was new, but then I fell. I fell hard and thought I had wasted Jesus' blood and would no longer be welcome in the the church.

I came back to Trinidad and searched for the church but could never find it. I just went ahead with my life. Then my company transferred me to Port of Spain. I plunged into depression and prayed to die every day. I argued, fumed, and yelled at God. I blamed him…I didn't understand why he was doing this to me.

Then one day standing on a corner in Port of Spain in the rain, a lady who had been kind of looking at me asked me if I went to church. I too a deep breath and began to tell her what had happened to me over the last 10 years. The lady, Ronke Cunningham (a sister in the church), just smiled…

I asked her where she went to church and she pointed across the street and said the Trinidad chapter of the same church! Suddenly I knew why God had done this to me in my life.

Walking back to work across the public square, a woman in an MTS uniform fixed her gaze on me and came right up to me and said, "Jesus STILL loves you"! Needless to say I came to church that Sunday and have not looked back.

That word STILL is an incredible word, I was chosen -- he chose me and he never once changed his mind."