Central Send Off

At the beginning of 2012, the church here in Trinidad unveiled its 2020 plan entitled The Antioch Project. One of the main focuses of the plan was for the central ministry to become a self-standing region.
Last October, at the end one of our campaign months, a Bring Your Neighbour Day was held in central Trinidad and God made it abundantly clear that it was time for the mission team to be sent out. The service was so well attended that the disciples had to give up their seats to accommodate our friends and family who came to worship with us.
Our Evangelist and Women’s ministry leader Tony and Leslie Millet, last Sunday, sent off officially the Central sector of the Port of Spain Church of Christ which will be led by Tyrone and Michelle Marcus.
Tyrone and Michelle are no strangers to church leadership as both have served in the fulltime ministry and were appointed Evangelist and Women’s ministry leader in Jamaica. They moved to Trinidad and have both been working secular job but have still kept their passion for the ministry.
Join us in celebrating this milestone in our church’s history, and pray with us for God to use the Marcus’ and the rest of the mission team to change the spiritual landscape of central Trinidad.