Restoring the Temple

This was the title of 2013 singles retreat, and I must say the temple was restored as many single disciples made decisions to recommit to God in various ways.
The “kick-off” lesson, titled after the retreat, was a convicting call for us to clear our temples of any existing garbage so that restoration could commence.  Next, the challenge was given to restore a deep intimate relationship with God.
On Sunday morning, we had an amazing worship service. The illustrious voices of the worship team comprising only, ONE ministry members (all singles), rang out.  The songs were the perfect accompaniment for the day’s lesson Restoring Relationships, which was preached by our lead evangelist Tony Millet, as both inspired deep reflection.
Things lightened somewhat as after this we had a Romp-In-The-Sun. This entailed an afternoon of fun outdoor activities.  Of course things got a little competitive as all attending had been divided into three teams; Restorers, Army Strong and Nehemiah dream team. Pitted against each other, the members of the three teams maintained a spirit of good-natured competitiveness, even during an intense game of tug-of-war.  Sharing in all the merriment were two brothers visiting from the US –making our retreat somewhat ‘international’.  Both gave wholeheartedly, encouraging the saints here in Trinidad.


Click here to listen to a few of the sermons done at the retreat.