'Reaching Out to Hindus and Muslims' - Teaching Sessions

The Church was recently treated to two special teaching sessions on reaching out to persons of different religions.

First, on Wednesday, June 12th, we received the opportunity to hear from Dinesh George of Bangalore, India, in a special session conducted over Skype on reaching out to Hindus.

Dinesh, along with his wife Caroline, oversees the operations of the many Churches in India. He discussed with us various points on how to introduce and discuss the Word of God with those of the Hindu faith, as well as some surprising facts about Hinduism and its supporters.

Then, on Wednesday, July 17th, our very own Tyrone Marcus led the Church in a discussion on reaching out to Muslims in a brief introduction to Islam. Tyrone pointed out and attempted to dispel any confusion and misgivings we may have about the religion and how to understand what to expect when introducing the Word.

Listen to the audio from the both teaching sermons here in the 'Bible Teaching Series' section . You can also download "Reaching Out to Hindus" and "Reaching Out to Muslims" by clicking on the respective links, as well as follow along with the slideshow presentations

"Reaching Out to Hindus" slideshow

"Reaching Out to Muslims" slideshow