The Damian Jean-Baptiste Caribbean School of Ministry is In Session!

The 3-Day weekend at the beginning of August saw the inauguration of the Damian Jean-Baptiste Caribbean School of Ministry here in Port of Spain. Approximately 100 students from all over the country and some parts of the Caribbean were privileged to be a part of this brand new initiative in the Church.

The Damian Jean-Baptiste Caribbean School of Ministry (DJBCSM), aimed at teaching participants in Biblical Interpretation, the first of eight modules, with thought-provoking and engaging lessons taught by Tyrone Marcus of Trinidad, Courtney Bailey of Jamaica and renowned biblical scholar, Douglas Jacoby.


To see the DJBCSM come alive in Port of Spain, as well as in Kingston, Jamaica (where the inaugural classes were held two weeks prior) was an answered prayer by the Caribbean Teachers Tyrone and Courtney, as the School aims to provide in-depth biblical teaching to Christians in the Caribbean region while honouring the man both considered a spiritual hero, the late Damian Jean-Baptiste, who spent most of his adult life planting, leading and strengthening churches across the region.

The initial module exposed students to an eye-opening perspective on Biblical Interpretation. Participants were encouraged to go beyond a surface reading of the scriptures and to instead critically view the text in its historical, literary and situational context. Areas of special focus included Poetry and Psalms, Wisdom Literature, the Law and Prophets, the Gospels, the Parables, Apocalyptic Literature, the Book of Acts and the New Testament Letters.

In addition to the in-class sessions, students are expected to read at least one of two required texts and have also been encouraged to explore an extensive reading list. Full-track students in Trinidad & Tobago, who are pursuing certification, will sit exams in September. The second module is scheduled to begin in January-February 2015.

For more information on the Damian Jean-Baptiste Caribbean School of Ministry and to register for future modules, please click here to visit the website.